We are now offering full facility tours for an insider's perspective of our full distillery operations: see how we mill our grains, mash, ferment, distill, bottle + package all of Wild Bevy's spirits!

Meet our distillers, taste from the barrels, ask all the questions + enjoy a flight and/or cocktail at the end of your tour! Price includes a light welcome bevy, full cask-strength tastes along the tour and a simple cocktail to round out the experience. * Kids can tag along for FREE *

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Meet Hazel

Hazel is our 2000L Kothe still, hand crafted in Germany, and aptly named after our 101 year old grandmother. Hazel is the lifeblood of our facility, the mother of all spirits, and a uniting source for community, friendship, laughter, joy + memories. Just like her namesake, her name suits her perfectly.

Distillery Operations

Distillation is a process that we are passionate about and we take it very seriously. We support local farms + buy only Maine grains which we mill, mash, ferment and distill right here at our coastal Maine facility. You'll be able to get up close to the equipment + crew for a wildly immersive bevy experience.

Cask Management + Aging

We are currently aging an array of bourbon + rye whiskey barrels right here in the distillery. You'll get to see all the barrels and learn more about the difference in our grains, how our barrels are made, plus how we fill + manage our spirits. Cask-strength tastes provided!